Top 10 Baby Sleep Must Haves

We both agree that sleep is important for babies and new parents alike. It is so common when someone asks how your little one is doing for the next question to be: “How do they sleep?”

Although it is not meant to be, it almost feels like a competition as to whose child sleeps the best. This creates added pressure and middle of the night googling sessions of “sleep schedules” and “sleep training” and questioning “Why isn’t my baby sleeping through the night like their baby is?”

We both did get lucky to have babies that sleep pretty darn good (don’t hate us.) And we both understand that this is NOT the norm! That is not to say there are not nights or times where our girls are up at all hours screaming or won’t let us leave the room. But we both started a routine early on and feel that these *must haves* in addition to that, really set us up for good sleeping gals!

Nolyn started sleeping in her crib and sleeping “through the night” at about 3 months. There were a couple of factors that could have contributed to this (being in a room where she couldn’t hear her dad snoring, transitioning to the sleep suit, starting daycare, etc). However, she is NOT a napper whatsoever. Most days she definitely was not getting the recommended daytime sleep according to everything I read but was still sleeping great at night so I couldn’t complain. This just shows every baby is different!

CeCe moved to her room at just over four months old. She had been sleeping through the night for a couple of months already, so we were ready to make the transition. Like Nolyn, CeCe doesn’t always take the greatest naps (typically one longer nap with two to three 30 min naps).

Our personal sleep must haves:

Hatch Rest: This sound machine is the best thing ever. You can adjust the color and amount of light is emits and has different white noise options to choose from. As your baby grows, you can also set timers for “wake time.” We take this with us every time we travel as it also gets loud enough to drown out any outside noise. We would however, recommend the Rest + now with clock as well (wasn’t available until later last year).

-Swaddle/Sleepsuit/Sack: This could be whatever works for your baby. We both used the Ollie swaddle and the Merlin Sleep Suit. The Merlin Suit we truly feel is magic. It prevents rolling and keeps the babe so snuggly warm. Both of the girls are now using sleep sacks (Nolyn: Kyte Baby; CeCe: Halo).

Black out curtains/liners: This is key!! Of course there will always be some light and it won’t be pitch black like bedtime but that is okay! The dark room we feel really simulates night time to the best it can to promote good sleep.

Latchy Catchy: This was something I bought for Nolyn’s room before she was born thinking “this is interesting- why not give it a try!” Boy, am I glad I did. Remember when I mentions above that there are those nights where my child is up screaming at 1 AM- especially while teething? Well this thing keeps your door latch compressed so you can open/close the door without a peep! You can find them less than $10 and so worth it.

Owlet: This is a pricier item and to be honest, we weren’t planning on even getting it. I had read mixed reviews online but when I saw Target had it on sale PLUS I could use my registry completion discount, I pulled the trigger. I don’t think I could have lived without it- especially during those early days. It gives such piece of mind when the baby is sick or when you decide to move them into their own room. The girls still wear them most nights and we love to look back and see how they slept as well!

Snoo bassinet: Now I know this item is a bit of a splurge BUT we found out just before having CeCe that they are actually available to rent. We had heard SO many good things about this bassinet that we went for it. It’s hard to tell if we just got lucky with a great sleeper, or if the Snoo made her that way. But she was sleeping through the night at two months. I can say with confidence that if/when we have another baby, we will be renting again.

Glow in the dark Bibs pacifier: these suckers save us when the babe loses her bink in the dark. The glow ring makes is it much easier us to spot!

Humidifier: we have the FridaBaby 3-in-1

Diffuser: As I mentioned above, the FridaBaby also acts as a diffuser. We often put Lavender Essential Oils in, or if she is battling a cold, the Frida Baby Nasal Drops.

Books! Like most parents, we both read to our babes after their last feed, before we lay them down for the night. It’s one of our favorite times of the day with our girls.

xoxo, A&B

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