‘Honest’ Review of Overnight Diapers

We have tried a few different brand of diapers since Nolyn has been born. My husband had a diaper party before she was born so we were lucky enough to to get by without buying diapers for awhile and be able to try different brands, as well.

When Nolyn was a newborn, we really liked the way Huggies fit her. They seemed to literally “hug” her in all the right areas to prevent any leaks occurring. However, as she got older we started preferring Pampers Pure for the way those fit her as she got more mobile. We didn’t have to tug too hard on the tabs to where they would rip. The problem with Pampers Pure is that we noticed she would soak through them overnight. When we would get Nolyn up in the morning, her PJs would be damp- especially if they were a thinner material.

During a recent Target diaper sale, I noticed they carried the Honest brand overnight diapers. I thought I would give them a try and if they didn’t work, maybe I would start double diapering.

My first thought when pulling the diapers out was that they seemed thin. Just as thin as Pampers Pure. That made me a little skeptical but proceeded to give them a try!

After a few nights to confirm, I was sold. They fit Nolyn great and she does not wake up damp at all anymore. They are even a cute little sheep/moon print for bedtime! I didn’t know what I was missing until I found these. I can’t compare to any other overnight diapers (maybe I will try those at some point) but I can say I am definitely happy with how great these work for us. Highly recommend if you are a new mama or have a babe who soaks through during the night!

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