Family Room Photo Ledge

We recently added this photo ledge to our family room and I’m loving it. I love home decor but, I’ve been having a hard time committing to what to put on the walls. I thought a photo ledge would be a good route to go, that way it’s easy to change out frames and/or prints.

I purchased the 70 inch Solid Maple Hardwood Floating Picture Ledge from RoweStation Woodworks on Etsy. They offer a great variety of sizes and wood tones.

Here is a little breakdown on the prints we currently have displayed.
1. Lyrics to one of our favorite songs from The Head and The Heart, another Etsy find.
2. This is an engagement photo that we got framed using Framebridge.
3. This was actually my wedding gift from Keith! He purchased a custom print of The Night Sky in Central Park the night we got engaged.
4. I grabbed the next two black and white prints from Target, they are both from the Opalhouse brand. I ended up flipping the “holding hands” print upside down to make it look like a pinky promise. 🙂
5. The final print is another engagement photo in a distressed white frame I found at Homegoods.

I am happy with how this looks, for now, but I think I want to add some blush tones into the mix. I’ll be sure to update you all when I make updates.

If you have any suggestions on great art that I could add, let me know in the comments!


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