Top 10 Current Favorite Follows

One of the reasons we decided to jump into the blogging world is because we follow so many amazing women in the space. We wanted to show some love to some of our favorites and if you’re not following them already, you should! These are obviously just a drop in the bucket of our favorites so stay tuned for more soon!

In no particular order…



Jenn is a freaking hilarious and entertaining mama of 3 littles. She is my go-to when I need a good laugh at any time of the day! Primarily a home/decor blogger but definitely has some of the best content on IG in my opinion. She is currently filming a show for HGTV, too which is insanely cool!


Another mama of a little gal a few weeks older than Nolyn. Love her style and vulnerability about how difficult mom life really can be but also shares in the idea that it is the greatest experience you can ever go through. She has as much of an amazon and Trader Joes shopping addiction as me, too- bingo!


Kendall is a NYC living blogger who is SO good at styling one piece, many ways. Her little one, Logan, is just a month older than Nolyn so it has been fun following along in her journey!


Ashley is a fellow RN who does solely blogging now and has great affordable finds. She just recently moved with her husband and daughter to the midwest from California! She posts deals of the day and also has awesome travel blog posts!

Andi’s Local fav


A mainly home and decor blogger located very close to me in Grand Rapids, MI! Also a mama of an angel little boy who her and her husband adopted after being open about trying to conceive for many years.


Somewhere Lately

Brooke and Meggan are my absolute favorites. I have been following them for years and they honestly feel like friends at this point. Not only are they super fashionable but they are also very kind people. The two of them have been a HUGE inspiration of ours and a big reason why we’re doing this thing!

A Slice o’ Pi

I’ve been following Andrea since my NYC days and love her more than ever. She and her husband had ADORABLE twin boys (Parker & Preston) this past year and she is all about being postpartum body positive. My kind of gal!

Studio McGee

OBSESSED! Interior design has always been a love of mine and I dream of having a McGee home someday. Shea can do no wrong in my eyes. Not only is she an amazing designer but she also shares her everyday fashion threads. 

Cella Jane

Becky is a great follow for skin care tips, gorgeous neutral styling and kids fashion. She even has a page for her daughter, @whatsuttonwears..

Brit’s Local(ish) Fav:

Danielle Moss

Danielle is based in Chicago and is mama to sweet Margo, with another babe on the way. She keeps it very real, shares great tips for mamas and awesome interior design inspo! She is also cofounder of The Everygirl Media Group.

Who are some of your favorite follows?

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